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Research studies are designed to test the effect of a drug or treatment in a group of volunteers, measure the ability of a drug to treat a medical condition, and monitor drug safety and possible side effects.
In our clinic we have extensive experience in drug trials. We support the development of new innovative medicines to improve the health of patients.

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Do you have high triglycerides or atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease?

Learn about the Essence clinical research study.
This study is researching olezarsen (ISIS 678354), an investigational* medication that may help lower triglycerides (fats in the blood) in people with high triglycerides or atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Other study requirements apply.

  1. *Olezarsen is only approved for use in clinical studies.
    Study participants receive at no cost:
    • Possible access to a new study medication, taken as an injection once every 4 weeks • 1 out of 4 participants will be randomly assigned to receive placebo, which has
    no active ingredients
    • Study support and monitoring by a healthcare team
    • Health assessments and dietary counseling
    • Education about high triglycerides and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease
  2. Option to complete some study visits at home
    • Opportunity to help advance clinical research
    For more information, contact us.

Do you have COPD?

If so, perhaps you can join the TRITON Study and possibly help find better treatment options for future sufferers of COPD
Study participation is at no charge, and compensation for time and travel expenses may be available to those who satisfy applicable requirements.

To join the TRITON Study potential participants must:

  • Be a current or ex-smoker at least 40 years of age
  • Have been diagnosed with COPD for at least one year
  • Require daily medication to control their COPD symptoms
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Discovering Innovative Solutions for Better Health

As a healthcare provider, we work seamlessly and in unison with the pharmaceutical industry, to provide innovative clinical practices and research, conducive to promoting our primary focus, “safe patient care.”


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